This is an episode of The Mario Show.

In a Cool Car with Mario
Season 2, Episode 18
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Air date March 12, 2013
Written by Matt11111 and NewMarioYay
Directed by Matt11111
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Mario: What an awesome car this is, ehhhhhhhhh?

Luigi: MARIO'S CANADIAN?! The glove box has hands! UH-OH! REAL HANDS? Oh. these hands are friendly.

Mario: Urja-burja!

Maria: Wow! Cool car, Mario! Can I ride it?

Mario: Sure!


Maria: dadeawdawdeadawedawfher5yhe564645543rf2r23qe23rt2e2e&HEHEiooqjsxj7818192:&:$.&*(@(!HE!(W!@f. Snku. Mdk) mid mk. DK. Cnkednkcpwe democmojdmkpdwmxokwdjxjowdjcjoewmciowejxjoew kjadf. Fdjo fd. Scho com fd mosd. Jowdm widows once. Josdmo jsd. Lmwd. Jowd. Mosd. Mosd ojfem

Mario: You all enjoying the ride?

Wario: Yes!!!!!!

Mario: Wait, Wario? What are you doing here?

Wario: Eating you. (eats Mario) Wow. That was tasty.


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