This is a summary for I'm not too hungry today, an episode of The Mario Show.


Mario eats seventeen hamburgers, 43 onion burgers, 3921 pieces of garlic, all kinds of cheese, seventy bagels, five buckets of chicken, eight candy bars, seven pizzas, pork, his mom, a Yoshi egg, egg cereal, 63908 salads, all the sandwiches on his bucket list, eleventy watermelons, fourteen oranges, 78 cans of peas, 40 cans of cans of cans of Mandarin oranges, lotsa macaroni and cheese, last night's leftovers, lasagna, 76 dawgs, a popsicle, the popsicle stick, some spaghetti, four apples, and 20 boxes of ice cream. 

He gets fat from eating all of this, and Luigi, Yoshi, and Toad walk in. Toad suggests Mario go to Wario's Weight Loss Room to get skinny.

Wario shows Mario the way to his weight loss room, and he steps onto a tile that made him skinny again. When he came out, Luigi asked Mario if he wanted to go to that place you go to eat until you get fat. Saying "Oh, brother," Luigi responds. Mario hits his head. Luigi did not get why Mario said what he said. So, with that, the episode is over. Snooooooooore.

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