This is an episode of The Mario Show.


Waluigi: I'm super hungry today, so I won't eat anything for 1892740184923725685149832578167836178469178365781693471023561364981 weeks.

Wario: Try 86137895189364781623789517381038614397860598360491873289461023985634061238960589123604618923 weeks.

Waluigi: Infinity weeks.

Wario: Good luck.

7 seconds go by.

Waluigi: Erp. I give up. (eats some cheese)

Wario: How's that cheese?

Waluigi: GREAT.

Wario: Also, you're skinny. Let's watch ESPN.

Waluigi: The Yankees are playing the Red Sox at 8.

Wario: Then let's watch Baseball Tonight before the game.

Wario and Waluigi watch Baseball Tonight and about 7 minutes in, Waluigi goes to cook macaroni for dinner

Wario: Waluigi, where are you going?

Waluigi: To cook dinner. We're having macaroni.

Wario: Yummy! want garlic on my half.

Waluigi: Okay, then. Also, do you really think Jacoby Ellisbury is a good fit for the Yankees?

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