This is an episode of The Mario Show with guest appearances of Herp and Derp and Weegee.

Background infoEdit



Luigi: (reading sign stuck to wall of Bowser's Castle) Eleventy-second annual...staring...contest? I should totally enter! It's time to go WEEGEE MODE! (turns into Weegee)

Weegee: Hahahahahaha! (sees bullet from Nerf gun headed towards him) What the--- (turns around and sees Daisy with Nerf gun) Daisy?! I'M GONNA DESTROY THAT GUN AND FAST!

Daisy: Nice try, Weegee! (kicks Weegee. Weegee flops to the ground and dies.) I did it! Weegee finally lost his 326,634,747,234,184,920,261,952,017,373th life! Now, I just need someone to get me a present...

scene changes to the halls of Best Western. Daisy is knocking on the door to Herp and Derp's room.

Daisy: Herp!!! Derp!!! I need you!

Derp: Who the terdpuff are you?

Daisy: It's me, Daisy! The princess! I need your help!

Herp: (opens the door) With what?

Daisy: Can you two go to the mall for me and buy me a present for finally making Weegee lose his 326,634,747,234,184,920,261,952,017,373th life?

Derp: It's not an evil plan, but what the heck.

scene changes to the inside of the Blah Shopping Mall.

Herp: Where should we buy Daisy her present?

Derp: Well, princesses like jewelry, right?

Herp: Yea.

Derp: So we'll get her something from Claire's. Let's go!

scene changes to Claire's

Toad: Hi, welcome to Claire's, is there anything I can help you with?

Herp: Toad? I never knew you got a job at Claire's!

Toad: I got a part-time job here because I felt my life was boring. Oh, did I tell you that Maria works here too?

Derp: Don't you mean Mario?

Toad: No, really! You heard me right, Maria!  She's Mario's twin sister! (cuts to Maria waving at the cash register.)

Derp: Ew, that girl's got a mustache!

Herp: Hey Derp, I see something I think Daisy will like! (Herp and Derp run up to a wall with Doc McStuffins merchandise on part of it and princessy accessories on another part of it)


Herp: No...not that...

Derp: Let's buy all that stuff and take it home to burn!

Herp: But what about Daisy---

scene changes to inside of Herp and Derp's Best Western room. Herp and Derp are using flamethrowers and burning a pile of Doc McStuffins merchandise.

Derp: Now everything is good and burnt! (someone knocks on the door) Who is it?

Daisy: It's me, Daisy. You got my present yet?

Derp: Present? Uh...yeah, I've got your...present! Come in and...see the present for...yourself! (giggles. Daisy opens the door)

Daisy: (gasps) Where's my present?!

Herp: These ashes are your...present! Yeah...we got them just for you!

Daisy: I killed Weegee for good and all you got me was ASHES?!?!

Derp: Oh, terdpuff.

Daisy: (attacks Herp and Derp) By the way, I hate Doc McStuffins, so thanks anyway for burning the merch.

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