Picture of Derp:

Picture of Herp: Take that picture and basically remove the sword.Edit

Herp and Derp (real names: Vincenzo and Christian) are two evil geniuses who do evil things. They are very evil. They are friendly with, but might be more evil than Weegee. Awesome!


Herp and Derp are evil. They create all sorts of inventions, some of which are "inators" like Heinz Doofenshmirtz and Weegee's. That's all you need to know, right?

How They MetEdit

Herp and Derp were originally melon farmers. Then, when Derp got an RV, they became evil.


One Of Their Evil SchemesEdit

Herp and Derp once kidnapped Doc McStuffins and all her toys, replaced the toys with clones of themselves, and burned the Big Book of Boo-Boos.

Then, they turned the show into Derp McDonuts and replaced the theme song with We Are Young, which coincides with the fact they set the book on fire.

Herp And Derp Video GameEdit

A Herp And Derp video game will be coming out for the Nintendo Poo and Nintendo Wee in 2049. You will be able to do evil things such as take over every show on Disney Junior, poop on everyone you see in town, eat poop, and more.

It will be pre-loaded on the Nintendo PeeDS.


  • Weegee will partner up with Herp and Derp in the yea

    A donut from Derp McDonuts

    r 2049 to create a new video game console: the Nintendo PeeDS.
  • Herp and Derp hate staring contests.
  • Herp and Derp are comedians when they're not doing evil stuff.


"Oh, terdpuff."

It's Derp!


"Double terdpuff."

"Wow, so that's how you wanna play it?"

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