It's another Disney Junior show! Yaaaaaaaaay. Like Sofia the First, I pretend to hate it, but it's actually pretty good.

Correction: It was good, then season 2 and RODDY CLOUDMONSTER came along. I hate it!!!!!!!!!


Henry- (Full name... Henry Stupid BLAH... BLAH.. BLAH... umm.. SUCKYPANTS STUPID STUPID BLAHBLAHBLAH OUGDSBOFIJAENR Sucky banana teehee stupid idiot idiot SUCKYPANTS KISSIEMONSTER) The main character of the show. ANY Wacky doodle WOULD KNOW THAT HE'S THE MAIN CHARACTER,


BECAUSE HIS NAME IS THE FRIDAYING TITLE OF THE SHOW!!! He's five years old and he can roar really loudly. He can roar louder than Bowser. At least that's what everybody thinks. But they really don't know Bowser. His dumb catchphrases are "Roarsome!" and "Hugglemonsters ALWAYS find a way!"

Summer- Henry's sister who loves to sing and dance. However, she has a terrible singing voice, and only knows one dance move, the stomp!

Cobby (not to be confused with Cubby from Jake and the Never Land Pirates)- Henry's older brother who is seven years old. He is an inventor, yet his inventions always seem to fail. He has never created any "inators." He might team up with Herp and Derp in the near future. Till then, he sucks.

Daddo-  The father of the family BCAUSE WHY NOT

The stupid stupid stupid family

What I thinkEdit

Okay, this show is lame because none of the characters have ever said "awesome" on the show. The characters all use "roarsome" instead. HOW PATHETIC. ESPECIALLY BECAUSE AWESOME IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE WORDS. GOSH,

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