GoAnimate is fun. There I said it.

Goanimate is a way of creating videos and posting them on Youtube. Fortunately, as of 2016, it is virtually dead. Unfortunately, there's this thingy called GoAnimate for Schools which is keeping it alive.


To enter GoAnimate, first find a Goanimate video. Then look for "Created by Goanimate." Click the link on Goanimate to enter the studio.


Goanimate is so much fun to use. XD LOL You can make anything from microwaves to couches move. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Check out these GoAnimate videos from YouTube.
Brian speaks spanish amp;gets grounded01:24

Brian speaks spanish amp;gets grounded

This ont too. More coming soon.

Dude farts in class amp;gets grounded00:46

Dude farts in class amp;gets grounded

LOL I made this.

And now for the facts. Edit

Fact: GoAnimate is for lazy people. Anime Studio, Flash and Pivot are where it's at.

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