Here are some funny quotes.

Quote 1Edit

Dude 1: Hey, bro!

Dude 2: Orb yeh!

Dude 3: Herb oy!

Dude 4:Yor ebh

Quote 2Edit

Boy 1: Lalalalalalalala.

Boy 2: Hey, dude, what's up!

Boy 1: Oh nothing much. You?

Boy 2: Oh, nothing really. My sister's head exploded.

(Boy 1 opens his mouth too wide and a fly flies into his mouth.)

Boy 1: GET IT OUT!

Quote 3Edit

Boy 1: nafoinuraopjpfohbnaib efviafi fr vacoberhiav olsdbihva ldfersvb

Boy 2:ln ahief bibriha vpi bnfvi derfvib aiper jvgpaifrivnspr

Boy 1: jdf pavbbnf9dbhj[aignr pvia erfvaonfcjok aerlosvbli

Boy 3:nd viabodfisgn vbosf voi ebso fvht bsor gis

Boy 2: if avi pbis fhbnir evioazsbnjfsdjkhavk bivabervgah ifiofer bsvloir tps rip ff

Boy 1: jkf vsrhnrupfvjinfrs vi bprtbvo jse

Boy 4:n raipv rivgpgarbegjsortgubie sklnbjk bkx on[a

Boy 5: afodebns itrgbni hgl vjtj vsjor npvbi srij bvgipa nreg perngonasv

Quote 4Edit

Girl: Like OMG!

Boy: Wackish, girl!

Quote 5Edit



Other random person: HAHA!

Quote 6Edit

Wario: Wa, this is a great book!

Waluigi: Ah! Can't you go five minutes without saying Wa?

Wario: No.

Waluigi: Let's make a bet anyway.

Wario: Wa! That'll be easy! Wa! Wa! WA.

Quote 7Edit

Dentist: Okay, say aahh. Francisco Domingo Joaquim: AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! Dentist: Wow, this is huge. Can you kiss me? Francisco: Why? Dentist: I want to see if my whole face gets wet. Francisco: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH (smooch) Dentist: Ew, my whole body is wet.

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