Family Feud is a game show. You have to bring 4 people in your family with you and you have to figure out how
people respond to a question such as "Name something you never leave your house without." Please respond if this has ever been a question on the show you've seen.

How the game goesEdit

The host, who is currently Steve Harvey, introduces the show and then he asks the first

The board.

person from each family to come to the c
enter of the room to answer the first question. He says how many top answers are on the board then asks the question
. One person presses their buzzer, and if it is the answer people picked the most, they may elec
t to pass or play. If it is not there, Steve asks the other person for an answer. If it is not the number one answer, the
other person tries to score higher. If they do, then they may pass or play. If they don't, then the other person decides.

After this, the next person in the family answers the same question. This continues until they get every answer on the board or they get 3 answers wrong, and gets 3 strikes. In the latter circumstance, the other team guesses and tries to steal their points.

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