Full name

Elans Andrevics

Birth date

7 June 1992




Internet personality, entertainer

Years active



Grand Theft Auto V

Relationship status



6 ft 4 in (1.93 m)




T. Knudsen, Paco Lil, Tr0n, Bush, SmokingBabe420

Elanip (real name Elans), is a British (Latvian by birth) Youtube gamer and entertainer. In 2010, he uploaded his first video to YouTube and quickly garnered attention. He currently sits at 560,000 subscribers and a whopping 230 million views in total. There's also a lot of controversy surrounding Elanip, especially when it comes to botting. He is officially a trooper on HighSpeedGaming as of May 2017.[1]

Personal life Edit

Elanip has a girlfriend. The joke is that he doesn't have one and is only hallucinating and talking for himself once he starts chatting.

He is rather tall, which he acknowledged in a stream.[citation needed]

Grand Theft Auto Five trolls Edit

  • AMAZED MIKE - a very sufficient troll. Together with SmokingBabe420 had some goofs and laughs after terrorizing the stream (and server) with airplane mods and respawns directly to Elanip, where he then was fulminated and died again.
  • Elanip rip offs -

References Edit

  1. Elanip (YouTube channel) rp live stream ep

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