Denzel Crocker/Mr. Crocker is Timmy Turner's teacher in The Fairly OddParents. He is the main antagonist

Here he is.

of the show.


Denzel was born on May 13, 1960. Despite being 53, he still lives with his fridaying mother! Somehow, his ear is on his neck. Freaky! With a hunch-back, ears on his neck, horrible teeth, TDI Harold's Hips and a generally nerdy appearance, Denzel is described as quite hideous by normal standards. Most characters regard him as completely nuts, even his own co-workers. Mr. Crocker has been known to join forces with other villains such as Vicky, Dark Laser, and Foop; although it is almost always because he is looking for Timmy's fairies, and he usually just gets in their way. It should be noted that his teeth were once normal, but when he was having his memories of his fairies wiped, the device was used so many times it caused Mr. Crocker's teeth to become horribly crooked. It has also been shown that successfully curing Crocker of his beleif in Fairies removes most of his physical flaws, while restoring it restores them as well


  • "This must be the work of... FAIRY GOD PARENTS!"

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