Crash is a puppet from the Disney XD series Crash and Bernstein. Crash is awesome!

Here he is

 Even though he could be smarter, he can still understand things. His best friend is Wyatt Bernstein. His rival is Pesto.


Crash is purple with dark hair and black eyes. He always wears a shirt with a skull listening to music and blue jeans.

Uh-oh. (Crash crashes into my room)

Crash: .........(runs home) WYAAAAAAAAAT!


Crash is a stupid, random, extreme, athletic, selfish, wacky, awesome, friendly, unfriendly, short, puppety, big-mouthed, formerly rich, fast, weird guy. Being best friends with Wyatt, Crash calls him Bernstein, as this is his last name.


Crash punching whatever he is punching

Crash does lots of things with Wyatt, such as snowboard, go to school, and play football. At one point in the show, he was in the middle of a fight with Wyatt's other best friend, Pesto, who has a crush on Amanda.


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