A server on Club Penguin is an individual but identical version of Club Penguin Island designed to allow thousands of penguins to play Club Penguin without any technical problems caused by a surplus of penguins. The maximum

Page 1 of servers

number of penguins on a server is three hundred.


Abominable Adventure Alaska Alpine Altitude Antarctic Arctic Ascent Aurora Avalanche Beanbag Beanie Belly Slide Below Zero Berg Big Foot Big Snow Big Surf Blizzard Bobsled Bonza Boots Breeze Brumby Bubblegum Bunny Hill Cabin Canoe Caribou Chinook Christmas Cloudy Cold Front Cold Snap Cozy Cream Soda Crunch Crystal Deep Freeze Deep Snow Downhill Down Under Dry Ice Elevation Fiesta Fjord Flippers Flurry Fog Freezer Frostbite Frosty Frozen Glacial Glacier Grasshopper Great White Grizzly Half Pipe Hibernate Hockey Hot Chocolate Husky Hypothermia Ice Age Ice Berg Icebound Ice Box Ice Breaker Ice Cave Ice Cold Ice Cream Ice Cube Ice Pack Ice Palace Ice Pond Ice Rink Ice ShelfIcelandIcicleJack FrostJackhammerKlondikeKosciuszkoMammothMarshmallowMatterhornMigratorMistyMittensMountainMuklukMulletNorth PoleNorthern LightsOutbackOysterParkaPatagoniaPermafrostPine NeedlesPolarPolar BearPowder BallPuddleRainbowRocky RoadSabertoothSardineSasquatchSherbetShiverSkatesSledSleetSlippersSlushySnow AngelSnow BallSnow BankSnow BoardSnow ConeSnow CoveredSnow DaySnow DriftSnow FlakeSnow FortSnow GlobeSnow PlowSnow ShoeSnowboundSnowcapSnowfallSparkleSnowmobileSnowy RiverSouth PoleSouthern LightsSub ZeroSummitTeaThermalTobogganTundraTuxedoVanillaWalrusWhite HouseWhite OutWind ChillWinter LandWool SocksYetiYukonZipline


Sleet is the best.

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