An episode of The Mario Show.

Cheep-Cheep Lips Stew
Season 1, Episode 5
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Air date November 20, 2012
Written by JayTehSpongetta
Directed by Matt11111
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Background InformationEdit

  • JayTehSpongetta is the guest writer of this episode.
  • Mario cooks something gross in this episode, with too many Cheep-Cheep lips.
  • Way too many
  • Also baked beans, an entire chicken, gold dust, a pizza, root beer and spaghetti. GOLD DUST?!
  • Gerose
  • Someone falls in love.


Myphoto (3)

Maria's glitter highlights

Luigi and Yoshi walk into the kitchen after watching a movie called "Gone with The Breezes" in the living room. They smell something awful.

Yoshi: I know they say that movie is a chick flick but- hey, what's that smell?

(Luigi sniffs and shrugs)

Luigi: Oh a-no, Mario's making fish lip stew again...

Yoshi: What's fish lip stew?

Luigi: Oh, just-a stew made from cheep-cheep fish lips. He makes it every eleventy seventh year for Maria when she visits from Antartica.

Yoshi (puts his hands on his head): Aye, that Maria.

Cuts to Mario in the kitchen adding things to his stew.

Mario: And some baked beans...and a lip....and a entire chicken...and some gold dust...and a pizza....and another cheep-cheep lip and some more water...and some root beer...and another lip.... some more spegettti....There! My-a stew is almost a-done! (he stirs the big pot and sees Yoshi and Luigi coming in) Guys, you wanna taste-a some of this?

Yoshi (shakes his head): I'll pass.

Luigi: Save some for Maria!

Loud pounding on the door. Mario gets it and it's his twin sister. She walks him and picks him up like a baby. She puts him down.

Maria: Aww, Mario you're-a getting older with each day!

Mario: Uh, Maria. We're twins. We age at the same-a time.

Maria: Oh, that's right. (sniffs) Is that fish lips I smell? Oh Mario, you couldn't? Where's my other brother Luigi and that little green thing?

Mario: You mean Yoshi? They're in the kitchen.

Maria runs into the kitchen. Yoshi's eyes widen as he spots her. She rushes to pick up her brother Luigi.

Yoshi: H-Hi Maria...

Maria: (puts down Luigi): Hi little green look different... (her face turns red)

Yoshi: (Yoshi blushes): You too Maria. I like your glittery hair highlights.

Maria: Why-a thank you! I like your green-ness.

Yoshi: Whoo hoo, thanks Maria. Hey, I like you, wanna get married in Vegas?

Maria (nods): Yeah! Let's-a go!

Yoshi and Maria rush off out of the door and down the road.

Luigi: Well, that was weird.

Mario: I know, but hey, more-a cheep-cheep fish lip stew for us!

Luigi: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Luigi: Oh, well.

Mario: There goes my sister.

(The End)

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