Bubble Guppies is a show on NickJr. about a ridiculous underwear world with talking mer-fish. And a mer-puppy. They're not even actual guppies!!

Why is Deema upside down?


Gil: The stupidest member of the class that is in the world of Bubbletucky. He has blue hair. BLAH BLAH BLAH. 

Molly: A smart fish who has pink hair and is always observant of consequences and always has a plan.BLAH BLAH BLAH She calls Gil "Gilly" and is probably in love with him.

Goby: A fish with purple hair I have nothing to say about. Probably 'cause he's black.

Deema: The fun fish with big stupid yellow hair that's bigger than her head.

Oona: A purple-haired fish that's probably in love with Goby.

Mister Groopur

Nonny: The smart fish that never smiles and randomly appears for no reason, just to give facts.

Mr. Grouper: The teacher of the class of SIX! A six-person class. Most pathetic teacher ever. He can turn into different patterns, but that's sort of cool. I like him. NOT!

Bubble Puppy: Gil's stupid dog

This show sucks.Edit

No. Really. It sucks.

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