The Bat n' Ball Tournament took place in Mario and Luigi Go Camping 2.
Mario And Luigi Go Camping 215:16

Mario And Luigi Go Camping 2


Round 1 Pairings: Mr. Bollox vs. Bowser and Luigi vs. Yoshiarta.

Judge: Mario

In the Bowser vs. Mr. Bollox game (the games go to 3 points in round one) Bowser scored 2 points in a row, but then Mr. Bollox came behind from a 2 to 0 deficit to win three to two.

In Luigi vs. Yoshiarta, Luigi got sent flying, and the game went to Yoshiarta. I don't think that was entirely fair.

In the final round, Mr. Bollox scored 2 points, which was all he needed to win.Yoshiarta did not score a point.


Overall most points: Mr. Bollox (5 points in 2 games)

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