This is an episode of Nerds!.


Scene 1Edit

Baljeet: Hello, Buford.


(Buford gives Baljeet a wedgie.)

Scene 2Edit

Phineas: Hey, guys.

Isabella Watcha doin?

Baljeet: Planning a trip to the store to get new underwear.

Buford: Yes. Yes we are.

Baljeet: You wedgied me. I am PLANNING!

Phineas: Okay, then. See you guys in homeroom.

(Phineas walks away)

Scene 3Edit

At homeroom

Mr. Winter: Hello 6th graders. Welcome to homeroom. Come here to socialize with friends in the morning and you have no permanant seats. Chat a while and then we start announcements

The class: kldfm kvjsnfov;jaeornafm dfl;nso;rmgklmd fblv;sjkl fblz dfl;b kldzf b;ls kjbfgnlbvmsd,nmv aklffvl vsl f

Mr. Winter: Time for morning announcements.

(Buford spits a mouthful of water on Baljeet) Buford: Ha ha ha! That was a funny joke, Dinner Bell!

Baljeet: dfslngolfdng;sdj fks fg slf;mglskfd ;sd nfodk kfduic,!

Mr. Winter: I'm Mr. Winter. People who want to join the baseball team, sign up in room 321. Basketball team players, room 224. All other sports, the gym.

Candace Flynn enters.

Candace: You dorks better not be trashing your homeroom!

Ferb: All schools have the element of random surprise.

Phineas: I will now ring the dinner bell, me.

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