This is an episdoe of The Mario Show.

Awesome explosion Television, Mario!
Season 2, Episode 6
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Air date February 1, 2013
Written by Matt11111
Directed by Matt11111
Episode guide
Wario goes to Disney Junior and kills everybody
Luigi And a Floating Frog


Mario: I have invented a television that explodes!

Peach and Toad: Coooooooooooooooooooll!!!

An exploding TV

Wario: I'm envious. That I couldn't explode with it. I've always wanted to explode. Hehaihihorhoo!

Luigi: Make a million of these.

Mario: I'm on it. Yoshi, any requests?

Yoshi: Twelve of them set to explode in 2015.

Luigi: Eight to explode on January 18, 2014. at 8:32 p.m.

Mario: Got it. Wait... that's specific. Cool.

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