This is an episode of The Mario Show.


Baby Mario: Birdo, I'm so jealous of your awesome lunchbox. It's got Minnie Mouse on it and my lunchbox is just

Birdo's lunchbox

red. It's so stupid. Solid red is for losers.

Birdo: I'm sorry you feel that way. I DO like to think of myself as the Minnie Mouse of the Mario universe, because I love bows.

Baby Mario: I know.

Toadette: (enters lunch room with Yoshi) Hi Birdo! Hi Baby Mario! Awesome Minnie Mouse lunchbox, Birdo!

Birdo: Thanks!

Yoshi: It's terrible.

Birdo: Yoshi, that was not nice. Besides, your lunchbox is better than mine in my own opinion. It's got Jake and the Never Land Pirates on it!

Yoshi: And check this out! (opens lunchbox) Authentic doubloons!

Birdo, Baby Mario, Toadette: Oooooooooooooh.

Toadette: The three of you haven't seen my TALKING Doc McStuffins lunchbox yet! (touches Doc's image)

Lunchbox: I have a diagnosis! (Toadette touches Lambie's image) You just need a cuddle. (Toadette touches Stuffy's image) I'm a brave dragon! (Toadette touches Chilly's image) I'm gonna melt! (Toadette touches Doc's image again) Chilly! You can't melt!

Baby Mario: I'm SOOOOOOOOOO jealous of you three. Where did you find such awesome lunchboxes?

Toadette: Uh...a store?

Baby Mario: I'm going to go there.

Toadette: (touches Doc's image)

Lunchbox: Toys! Go stuffed!

Baby Luigi: I've got a talking Mickey Mouse Clubhouse lunchbox. (presses Mickey)

Lunchbox: Hot dog. (presses Donald) Ahahaha!

Baby Luigi: Awesome, huh?

At Mario's house

Mario: I wonder how the babies are doing at school (calls Baby Mario) Hello, son.

Baby Mario: Hi. I just went to the school store and bought 13 lunchboxes to pick from to use from now on. I have one for Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, baseball, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, 5 Henry Hugglemonster, and 5 Mario.

Mario: Pick the first Mario one.

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