This is a play to do with a friend or 7.


(The scene starts at a random house in the middle of somewhere.)

Matt: I feel like going to the movies. I’ll call my friend Bryce and see if he wants to go to the movies with me. The movie called The Best Movie Ever is finally out in theaters! Ba-bam! (Matt calls Bryce.) Hello, Bryce.

Bryce: Hey, wassup, Matt?                                    

Matt: Hey, dude, just seeing if you wanna see The Best Movie Ever with me.

Bryce: Dude, you bet!

Matt: Let’s go.

At the movies

Bryce: Hey, it’s Austin!

Matt: Austin is awesome! We should have fun with our friend!

Austin: Hi, Matt. Hi, Bryce. The movie is starting now. Get ready to watch.

Bryce: Alright. Let’s meet Nick after the movie.

Matt: There he is.

Austin: Awesome! Let’s do that.

Matt: I’ll go now.

Bryce: I’ll go too.

1 hour and 38 minutes later

Nick: Hey, Matt! That was an awesome movie!

Random Guy 1: Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! (Trips)

Random Guy 2: Jinglebellsjinglebellsjingleallthewayohwhatfunitistorideinaonehorseopensleigh!

Random Guy 3: You have it!

Random Guy 1: Banananananananananananananananananananananana!

Random Guy 4: Wll rmv ll Th vwls n m sntncs. (I will remove all the vowels in my sentences.

Random Guy 2: Dashingthroughthesnowinaonehorseopensleeigh!

Austin: Alright, then. Let’s just go. I wanna hang out with you guys and Nick.

Nick: Hey, Matt, Bryce, and Austin. Let’s hang out at Matt’s house.

On the way to Matt’s house

Nick: Bland vanilla lot less ton.

Matt: Bread and circuses vici.

Austin: We’re here.

Bryce: Where did my lines go?

Nick: I know, right? You have not had any lines since like the 1st page.

Matt: Yay! Let’s play video games!

Video game system: Beep boop boop! Wahoo!

(High fives all around)

Nick and Austin: Yesh! We won!

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