April Fools Day is a day where you pull pranks on someone. You can do lots of pranks.


Pat Sajak from Wheel of Fortune pulled off a cap, and he was BALD! The baldness was actually just a bald cap that Pat had on.

You can remove the soap from the bathtub and when your brother or sister and when they reach to get the soap, they will say, "What? WHERE'S THE SOAP? I DON'T WANT TO STAY STINKY FOREVER!"

Hide the TV by throwing it out the window. Easy to notice, but muahahaha, you are now evil.

Jokes on sites Edit

YouTube Edit

  • 2008: Every video in the main page redirected to a rickroll.
  • 2009: Clicking a video on the main page turned it upside down
  • 2010: TEXTp resolution
  • 2011: 1911 button, which made any video a silent movie
  • 2012: The YouTube Collection (a way to order every YouTube video available on DVD!)
  • 2013: YouTube was going to shut down and not re-open until 2023
  • 2014: Made its own upcoming memes
  • 2015: Added a button to add Darude - Sandstorm to any video
  • 2016: SnoopaVision, which lets you watch videos in 360°.

Zenius-I-vanisher Edit

  • 2012: Changed theme to one made in MS Paint
  • 2013: GOOSADUCKA announced
  • 2014: THE LEGENDARY Z-I-V 2014 APRIL FOOL'S GAME. You had to guess DDR songs within a certain amount of time. It was fuuuuuuuun.
  • 2015: There was a thread where you could get banned for posting
  • 2016: Theme changed to osu! style

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