This is a script for a play to do with a friend.


Luke: So, Mom.

Kate: Yeah, Luke?

Luke: Don't you see that some random people walk everywhere or bike? Or they just rely on one thing?

Kate: Where did you get that from?

Luke: That guy. His name is Matt Walkseverywhere. He married Taylor Drivesandpublictransportation. Their kids are named Lovesabike, Enjoysscooters, and Walkadoodledoo..

Kate: What do you know?

Luke: Also, this week, I'm on lunch futy at school.

Kate: Lunch futy?

Luke: Sorry, lunch tuty.

Kate: Lunch tuty?

Luke: I mean lunch duty. Meanwhile, I'm on duty with Laura, Graham, and Nick.

Kate: So, could you explain to me how lunch futy tutu duty works?

Luke: (ignoring what his mom said) Well, I eat my lunch. Okay. Then, I take a rag, put it in a bucket of soapy water, then wash the tables. Also, I wear vinyl gloves when I do it.

Kate: Okay.

Luke: (wearing headphones) Lalalalalalalalalala.


Luke: Tutu ballet! La la la la la!

Kate: Ba-bam! Whatnot. asdfghjkl.

Luke: Mario is-a not here right-a now.

Kate: Hobbeldygook. I'VE WASTED MY LIFE!

Luke: There's definitely a chihuahua eating my homework.

Kate: Well it's a lousy Derek Jeter impression.

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