All New Power-ups is an episode of The Mario Show.

Background InfoEdit

  • These power-ups will soon have their own pages.


Mario: I've been thinking. We should make new power-ups to use all the time.

Luigi: Let's make a commercial on them.

Mario: First, we should think about them. What are they? What would they do? What would they look like?

Luigi: Ah! We should have a Wand Mushroom. It's a Wii Remote that allows you to make all the enemies on screen disappear.

Mario: Let's add another touch. You can only use it 5 times per course if we ever make a game with it.

Luigi: Perfect. Time to make Commercial Number One.

Mario: Hang on. What would the game be called?

Luigi: New New Super Mario Bros. French Toast.

Mario: Okay

In the studio

Mario: New New Super Mario Bros. French Toast First look.

Cuts to footage of the game

Luigi: The Wand Mushroom. Press the button and all enemies on screen die! You can use it up to five times. Because the Wii Remote is basically a magic wand. When it comes out for the Nintendo PeeDS, same thing, different button.

Mario: Morecommercialsontheway

Back at home

Mario: What's the plot of the game?

Luigi: Bowser stole a basketball.

Mario: Boring. We can do waaaaaaaay better.

Luigi: Bowser stole the hoop too?

Mario: No.

Luigi: Bowser stole the basketball, the hoop, the garage it was attached to, the car in the garage, the garden next to the garage, all the plants in the garden, a paper airplane, a model airplane, a real airplane, and an apple pie?

Mario: Maybe.

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