This is an episode of Matt and the Always Land Guys


Locker: I'm going to see what twists and turns we can find in this epic hotel.
Lobby and lift

The elevator

Wanda: I'm coming with you.

Matt: Me too.

Everyone walks to the elevator. Locker presses the up button.

The elevator opens, and everyone steps inside.

Matt: How about (press) floor 32?

The elevator doors close and goes up. Matt, Wanda, and Locker see Herp in the shower.


Mr. Bollox jumps on Herp

Mr Bollox: Don't drop that soap. Who knows what could happen? You could reach to pick it up, fall over from slipping on it, eat it, be disgusted, run to the grocery store naked, get some water, go to jail for a week, and get fired from your job. Would you want that?

Herp: I don't have a job. So ha.

Matt: Why do we have a floor that's a shower right when you walk in?

Herp: Don't ask me.

Locker: Well, we're going to floor 94.

Herp: The building is that tall?

Wanda: Yes. Yes it is.

Locker: It has 134 floors.

Matt: (looks at phone) I see that Derp is on floor 8.5 according to this text.

Wanda: 8.5?

Matt: The button is right here (presses 8.5 button) 

The elevator goes down and opens

Derp: Hi, guys.

Matt: (steps out) Hey, Derp.

Locker: (sees there is a restaurant on floor 12) See you guys later.

Wanda: See you, Locker. Where are you going?

Locker: A restaurant. (closes doors and goes up)

Matt: So, Derp, wanna go to floor 25 to play the Wii?

Derp: Let's play Major League Baseball 2K12,

Matt: See you there.

1 hour later

Matt: And here comes Derek Jeter to the plate... Bases loaded.... 2 outs, Game tied at 11....Bottom of the ninth........ Jeter....takes an outside pitch for ball one...... The next pitch is... HIT IN THE AIR TO DEEP LEFT FIELD! THAT ONE IS... A GRAND SLAM! It's 15 to 11! And the Orioles win!

Derp: Epic game, Matt.

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