This is an episode of The Mario Show.

6 times 9 equals 42
Season 3, Episode 4
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Air date March 28, 2013
Written by Matt11111
Directed by Matt11111
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Luigi and his GREAT grades

Background InfoEdit


Donkey Kong: Okay, everyone, what is 6 times 9?

Luigi: Uh, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, let me think. Hmmmmmmm.... this is random. I FORGOT. Potato. Fishnana. Wait, fishnana? Uh, OH! I know. 42!

Donkey Kong: That's wrong but you get an A anyway! The answer is 54.

At the lockers with no combinations

Goomba: Why do these lockers have no combinations?

Koopa Troopa: So in case someone wants to pull an April Fools prank on someone, this can be one.

Goomba: Okay. Cool. Hey! Have you noticed the teachers as students?

Koopa Troopa: Yeah! Weird.

In the gym

Mario: I could be here all day! (shoots a three-point basket and makes it.) Yeah! Let's play one-on-one.

Yoshi: Okay! Heh, Matt made a typo and said Oksy. Seems like a different language.

Mr. Bollox: Yeah, like gibberish.

Mario: Or Polish.

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